Classpublic dynamic class ControlSetStandard
InheritanceControlSetStandard Inheritance Object

This control set is representative of some of the more common transform tools seen in authoring tools, modeled closely after the Free Transform tool used in the Flash Professional authoring tool. The primary difference between the ControlSetStandard control set, and the controls found on Flash Professional's Free Transform tool is that ControlSetStandard does not include skewing controls. Controls available in ControlSetStandard include, but are not limited to: ControlMove, for moving the target object; ControlUVScale, for scaling the target object (UV refers to how the control is positioned within the tool); ControlUVRotate, for rotating the target object; and ControlRegistration for controling the registration point.

Public Methods
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Constructor for creating new ControlSetStandard instances.
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public function ControlSetStandard()

Constructor for creating new ControlSetStandard instances.