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MAX Sneak Peek Video (Flash, Flex...)

Posted November 15, 2004 by senocular

For those of you who missed it last week, you should definitely take a look at the Josh Dura's MAX sneak peeks video. There's a nice sneak peek of the next version of Flash (8Ball) including some demonstrations of its new capabilities.

So far, from what I've seen, I can only say my biggest gripe is that all the advancement seems very Flash Player-centric and not much seems to have really changed much in the Flash IDE (though object editing mode seems nice).

Update: Christopher has pointed out better quality MAX video courtesy of Macromedia which you can watch here.

Fireworks and Freehand Trials Removed From Macromedias Main Downloads Page

Posted November 11, 2004 by senocular

This worries me a little. Macromedia has removed both the Fireworks and Freehand trials from their main downloads page. In looking at that page, you see virtually every trial imaginable aside from poor Fireworks and Freehand. Why is this? If you attempt the original Fireworks download redirect, you get the following messge. Scott from Macromedia has posted the following in the Dreameaver forums:
This is correct, the Freehand and Fireworks trial versions were discontinued recently, although both products are still actively supported. However, it had less to do with the relative size of the applications and more to do with the demand and cost of maintaining 30-day trials for those products. If you have comments or opinions on this to pass along, please let customer service know directly:

Oddly enough, you can still download both trials from the Studio download page.

What does this really say about Macromedia's support for these products?

FireFox 1.0 Released Today

Posted November 09, 2004 by senocular

So its final. The definitive 1.0 release of Firefox has come out today. Go ahead and check out the release changes. It still peeves me that they still haven't "fixed" view source. The bug (err feature) means that when you view source on any page viewed by Firefox, what you're actually getting is Firefox's corrected version of that page and not the true source as it exists in the file itself. Oh well, nothing's perfect. Lets hope 1.0 won't crash as much too. Cheers Firefox team.

Flashincrypt, New AS Obfuscator (Updated)

Posted November 06, 2004 by senocular

For all you worry warts out there concerned about code theft and Flash site ripping, there's a new obfuscator in town, Flashincrypt. I've tried it on a few files, many complex script-wise, and I can say Flashincrypt has performed well and hasn't broken any of the swfs converted. Attempting to decompile gave virtually no indication of the AS used. I can imagine this will be the new obfuscator king. It seems well worth the $29.95 asking price. The only downside is that the resulting swf is always exported to Flash Player 7.

Update: I've recently gotten word that the current version of Flashincrypt will no longer be updated as tools have been developed to counter its method of protection. However, there is good news. Fenix Studios is in the process of developing a new obfuscation engine that should once again provide better protection for your swfs. No ETA on when that will be complete.

Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler

Posted November 05, 2004 by senocular

A post from iloveitaly in kirupaforums pointed out this promising open source AS2 compiler for Flash ActionScript.
MTASC is the first ActionScript 2 Open Source free compiler. It can compile large number of .as class files in a very short time and generate directly the corresponding SWF bytecode without relying on Macromedia Flash or other tools.

Looks to be very fast and has a lot of potential. Though still in beta, some of the differences listed pretty much make it unusable (for me at least, then again I rarely use AS2). Something to keep an eye on though.

senoculog Update

Posted November 05, 2004 by senocular

senoculog, my own attempt at writing a simple CMS has been delayed. Actually I kind of started over again from scratch. Not to mention I have hardly put any time into it because of other interests that have been occupying the bult of my spare time. So, I appologize for the delay and whatever other problems may be a result of it. I no longer have any ETA and am just going to roll with the punches with this one. Hopefully, though, I won't let this project disappear into the void like so many others I've started and just never finished.

New Flash MX File (3D)

Posted November 04, 2004 by senocular

Just added a new Flash MX file entitled horsebox3D. This is your basic 3D (non-perspective) cube with animated textures added to sprucen things up. Some other interaction is added to adjust the color of backfaces when the mouse is clicked.

Maelstrom: Your Next Flash Client

Posted November 03, 2004 by senocular

Waleed Anbar over has a column over at Macromedia covering the new Flash client (player) code-named "Maelstrom." He states, "The effort on Maelstrom roughly falls into three main themes: performance, expressiveness, and standardization." Details of these are covered in more... detail, but all in all its looking to be an extremely promising release.

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 9 Released

Posted November 03, 2004 by senocular

Macromedia has recently released DevNet Resource Kit Volume 9.
The Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Volume 9 is now available. Volume 9 delivers the latest functionality to your Macromedia MX 2004 tools with new Macromedia Flash MX 2004 components, Dreamweaver MX 2004 extensions, sample applications and utilities for ColdFusion MX, and Fireworks MX 2004 extensions.

(via Nathan Pitman)

Firefox Logo Created With FireWorks

Posted November 03, 2004 by senocular

I just found out that the firefox logo was created with Macromedia Fireworks. Very interesting to see a Fireworks piece so deeply engraved into internet culture in a browser gaining so much in popularity.