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Fireworks and Freehand Trials Back Online

Posted January 28, 2005 by senocular

Despite having been removed earlier for unknown reasons, Macromedia has reinstated the trial downloads for both Fireworks and Freehand. This is great news, though the fact still remains that something did encourage them to remove the trials in the first place. What that was still remains a mystery but one can't help but to assume negative connotations.

senocular.com Facelift

Posted January 24, 2005 by senocular

As you can probably see, the site has experienced a slight face lift. Hopefully things are a little more accessible now. Expect plenty of broken links and images, though. I'll work on getting some of them resolved but for the most part, for many older news entries, I'm not too concerned. I'll try to get a contact forum up and running so if you find anything grossly wrong, you can let me know.

Oh yeah, comments are also disabled. I'll look into that a little later. In the mean time, you can voice your opinion in the forums.

New Smilies Added

Posted January 24, 2005 by senocular

For anyone who makes use of my smilies, you'll be excited to know that I added a few more recently. Most are more generic smiles to fill the gaps in the forums, but there are some others that are a little more unique .

Fireworks Best Practices Macrochat Complete

Posted January 21, 2005 by senocular

Alan has finished Fireworks Best Practices Macrochat and did a pretty good job explaining the concepts that were to be covered. There were a few hitches such as the occasional forggeting to screen share and for some reason it sounded like when he said "senocular" (which he did once or twice :smile: ) he was saying "sync-ular" but it was good fun and a good number of people showed up and they seemed to have learned a lot. If you missed it, you can replay it via breeze central:
Fireworks Best Practices Macrochat

senocular.com Update

Posted January 21, 2005 by senocular

As most of you probably know I've been working on the new design for the site... or really, the updated design which looks a lot like what you see now, just more generic (a good thing? maybe not but tough :wink:). Most of the ground work is done for the new backend which I re-wrote from scratch (for those friendlier links I mentioned before), but plain laziness is preventing it from being implemented. Once I find some motivation I'll get things moving. Just a heads up.

senocular.com Links to Change

Posted January 16, 2005 by senocular

I'm in the process of updating senocular.com with an updated design (not the new one from the previous post, a re-working of this one) and some changes to the CMS which I've re-written from scratch. One major change, aside from an RSS feed (cheers heard in the background), will be links to areas of the site including detail views of files and more than likely the downloads themselves.

Strictly Type _global Variables In Flash MX 2004

Posted January 16, 2005 by senocular

This Flash tip, as with the last one, comes from another post on the forums at ActionScript.org. The question, in a nutshell, "How do you strictly type global variables?" The general consensus is that you can't. But the truth is, you can.

Two Things I Learned in the Past 24 Hours

Posted January 14, 2005 by senocular

Rarely does learning new things surprise me so much as they have with these last two items I'm about to share. Neither are groundbreaking and chances are, you might have possibly even known them already but sometimes things like these hit me in a way that, well, honestly kind of make me feel dumb since I feel I probably should have already known :wink:. The first item deals with HTML/CSS, the other Flash ActionScript.

senocular.com Forums

Posted January 13, 2005 by senocular

I had some set up before but I only used them for private messaging/discussions. These are open to all. I don't expect much to come of them, but if something much [i]does[/i] come of them... well then more power to... them. They're there for anyone to dabble. I'll try my best to answer questions about the site etc. when possible though I can't be every where at once.

senocular.com Version... 7? Beta

Posted January 10, 2005 by senocular

I think this is around version 7. The last version (6?), or what you see now, has been the longest lasting version of the site by far. Some previous incarnations may have only lasted weeks. The newest version is close to complete and presentable. However, I have already shown it to two people and they didn't like it. Now, I too am starting to think differently about it. So is it worth the make over? Maybe you should let ....