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Fireworks Category Now On MXNA!

Posted September 28, 2005 by senocular

Fireworks users have spoken and someone was listening! MXNA now has a category for Fireworks. Thank you Alan and everyone who signed the petition supporting the rally to make this happen.

Update: For more information (and instructions on adding your feed to the Fireworks category), see Alan's post about the addition of the Fireworks category.

New Fireworks Panel: Used Fonts

Posted September 28, 2005 by senocular

I just uploaded a new Fireworks panel; a simple Used Fonts panel which scans and lists all the fonts used in the current Fireworks document. Selecting a font from this list will apply it to the current selection.

Fireworks Resource: Fireworksguru.com

Posted September 27, 2005 by senocular

Fireworksguru.com, the same that brought you the FW Album Creator, is also an emerging Fireworks resource - and run by none other than Fireworks superstar Alan Musselman. The new Fireworksguru forums are live and beginning to pick up steam. If you're a Fireworks user, it might do you good to join up and take advantage of this resource. You can find not only help for FW Album Creator, but Fireworks in general too.

New Fireworks Panel: Interpolation

Posted September 27, 2005 by senocular

I often find it necessary to change back and forth between different types of interpolation when scaling objects within a Fireworks document. Because I do it so much, I created an Interpolation Panel that provides easy access to interpolation options otherwise available through the preferences dialog. Now, with one click I can easily switch from bicubic to nearest neighbor (hard) or vise versa. The additional option for enabling faster but less accurate resampling provided in Fireworks 8 is also provided.

New Fireworks Commands: Selection and Align

Posted September 26, 2005 by senocular

I've just updated the Fireworks Selection Commands to include some new commands such as reflect and name selection. I addition, I just added a collection of Align Commands which, presently, only consists of 4 spacing commands - but thats only because most aligning can be handled easily enough through Fireworks. I almost made the Align commands part of Selection, but thought they're more indicative of what you'd expect from align commands.

Let There Be Fireworks For MXNA

Posted September 22, 2005 by senocular

As many of you probably know, my news feed is listed on Macromedia's XML News Aggregator (MXNA). Also, as many of you probably know, my site serves as a resource for Macromedia's products with a strong emphasis on Flash and Fireworks. When I initially added my site's feed to MXNA, I was saddened to discover that there is no Fireworks category for MXNA feeds. Flash and Dreamweaver, yes; but not Fireworks, the "other" Studio application. Recently, I thought I'd try to do something about it. However, after my contacts in Macromedia failed to produce any results, I've resorted to an online petition.

If you believe Fireworks shouldn't be ignored (and you don't even have to use Fireworks to feel that way), I'd appreciate a signature.

The Macromedia Fireworks Category for Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA) Petition

Update: Success!

Flash Games from MOG (Beta)

Posted September 19, 2005 by senocular

Millions of Games (MOG) is a new community bookmarking site in the same vein as del.icio.us that is used for bookmarking flash, shockwave, java and other games. It's currently in beta, but works great and is a great way to find and spread your favorite games.

Flash slideshow generated with Fireworks 8!

Posted September 19, 2005 by senocular

Alan Musselman has announced the release of FW Album Creator - a Fireworks 8 extension that allows you to create XML-based slide shows in Flash from Fireworks. Learn more about FW Album Creator v0.32 from fireworksguru.com.

Macromedia Flash 8 Bugs and Emerging Issues

Posted September 13, 2005 by senocular

Macromedia Flash 8 Bugs and Emerging Issues is a thread on Kirupa forums that will be used to keep track of user found bugs and problems within Flash 8. We had pretty good success with a similar thread for Flash MX 2004. But, granted, Flash MX 2004 had a lot more bugs. Lets hope this thread stays small.

Understanding the Transformation Matrix in Flash 8

Posted September 13, 2005 by senocular

As promised, the transformation matrix tutorial is now available. The link has now been added to the Flash Tutorials section. I still may do some editing (and I have yet to fully design my tutorial pages), but given the new release of Studio and the crazy times that come with it, I do not know when/if that might happen.