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WIP CS3 AS3 Tutorial: sealed classes and a history of events

Posted May 02, 2007 by senocular

Todays update of the work in progress Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS3 tutorial includes the distinction of sealed and dynamic classes and a brief history of how events have been and are handled with ActionScript... well up to but not really including much about AS3 yet. That will probably be tomorrow.

WIP: ActionScript 3 w/ Flash CS3 Tutorial

Posted May 01, 2007 by senocular

It's a work in progress, but I fear it will take too long to finish to make it completely worth while to people struggling with ActionScript 3 in Flash CS3 now. So what I'm going to do is keep it online and add to it a little each day: Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS3.

ActionScript 3 Tips Updated [Again]

Posted April 26, 2007 by senocular

New ActionScript 3 Tips include:

* Changing Function Behavior Across Frames
* No more random(); Use Math.random()
* LivePreview and the LivePreviewParent class
* Loading External SWFs with Loader (Preloading)
* Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3
* Flash CS3: New Library BitmapData Instances
* Flash CS3: Frame Navigation and Child Access

ActionScript 3 Tips Updated

Posted April 23, 2007 by senocular

The ActionScript 3 Tip of the Day thread has been updated. After a break I've been getting back to posting there after the CS3 release. This latest batch of updates includes the following topics:

* Getting Around globally accessible _root and _global
* ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 Converter
* XML: Removing Nodes
* getObjectsUnderPoint
* Accessing FlashVars and HTML Parameters
* ActionScript Speed Through Typing

ActionScript 3 Tips Updated

Posted April 04, 2007 by senocular

The ActionScript 3 Tips list (a.k.a. "tip of the day") has been updated with a few more entries. As the release of Flash CS3 nears, I will try to add tips a little more regularly.

3 New ActionScript Image Galleries + source

Posted March 30, 2007 by senocular

A casual "battle" at kirupa.com led me to create 3 ActionScript-only image galleries using XML and externally loaded images. The first was written in ActionScript 1, the second in ActionScript 2, and the third in ActionScript 3. Interestingly enough, each gallery got more 3D as the version of ActionScript increased. You can see each example and download their source here:
senocular Galleries

Note: the images for the galleries are in a separate download available at the link above.

Introducing Adobe Fireworks CS3 (and Me)

Posted March 27, 2007 by senocular

Introducing Adobe Fireworks CS3 is a new developer center article outlining the top new features in Fireworks CS3. If you've been keeping up with Fireworks over the past few releases, you'll see how much of an exciting release this is. But that aside, I'm mentioning this because in that article, the Fireworks engineers are shown and a picture yours truely (yes, me, senocular) is included, in the top-left no less, because of my work with the Fireworks Flex integration.

AS3: Bitwise operators can now be faster

Posted February 19, 2007 by senocular

There are certain tricks you can pull in some languages to get a small boost in math performance by using bitwise operators in place of some mathematical operators. For example, instead of multiplying a number by 2 (*2) you can shift it by 1 (<< 1).

This kind of optimization had no effect in ActionScript 2 because all number values were treated as the Number type, or a float, and those two operations performed the same. Now, with ActionScript 3, when using values of the type int or uint, you can get better performance out of bitwise operators than you can normal math operators (ints and uints are actually treated as Number types for normal math operations). This means if you're still looking for that extra bit of speed, you might be able to use bitwise operations on your ints to get it.

Flash Tip: Prevent Dragged Panels from Docking

Posted February 06, 2007 by senocular

I just figured this out today; hold CTRL while dragging panel dialogs in Flash and it will prevent them from docking to the interface. Lately I've been struggling with this (normally I don't move panels around but I have been for some of the things I've been working on) and was thinking, "wow, wouldn't it be nice if maybe some keyboard shortcut like holding CTRL could prevent a panel from docking?" Sure enough, I thought to try it and it worked. I'm a genius sometimes, even if someone else thought of it first :)

Nintendo Wii Mii Editor in Flash 9

Posted February 05, 2007 by senocular

Lately I've been working on a side-project to create an editor for Mii characters which can be created on the Nintendo Wii. It's being written in ActionScript 3.0 using the Flash 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview (though I started using the Free Flex 2 SDK until the project become more graphically dependant). Using classes like FileReference, ByteArray, and BitmapData, the editor has full support for loading and saving Mii files as well as an exporting them to JPEG using only a very minor PHP backend.

Currently, the project is still in alpha, and I have a lot of icons to make still, but most of the functionality is there. You can check it out by going to MiiEditor.com and clicking on the alpha link at the bottom.