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WIP CS3 AS3 Tutorial: Dynamic MovieClips/Bitmaps from Library

Posted July 09, 2007 by senocular

I've updated some content within the ActionScript 3 with Flash CS3 tutorial. Most of the updates involve working with display objects and dynamically creating them from your library. There are some other additions scattered throughout the tutorial as well, but to make is easier on people keeping up with it as it evolves, I've made it so (most of) the newest content will be identified with a green bar in the left margin. This is currently the case with the current updates and as new updates are added, that bar will fade and the newer content will inherit its color.

AS3: VirtualMouse class

Posted June 30, 2007 by senocular

Yesterday I started (and today I finished) a little class that lets you create a virtual mouse in Flash ActionScript 3. This mouse, when moved around the screen, will trigger mouse events that would otherwise originate from the actual mouse controlled by the user.

Example and download

Mii Editor as an AIR Application

Posted June 23, 2007 by senocular

My first AIR application is an offline version of my Mii Editor. You heard it right: offline, not online or occasionally connected, simply offline. If you're online, there's no point in not using the version on the web site. If you're offline, however, you lose the load, save, and export functionality. The additional features provided by AIR allows me to retain that functionality offline with direct access to the filesystem, not having to rely on the server to proxy file transfers to and from the Flash Player. Check it out now (uses the AIR express install for pain-free installation).

Mii Editor AIR
(Currently built for AIR Beta 1.0M4)

Give These People AIR! (dot com)

Posted June 21, 2007 by senocular

Recently I've been looking into AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime); what it represents and what it can offer. At first glance, it's looking pretty slick, even if it is just (given your perspective) a type of SWF projector requiring a runtime be installed, or a type of browser replacement, or some gimmic for RIAs. The truth is it's light, easy to develop for, and it's coming from Adobe meaning it will have some backing behind it. I'm even looking to use it for one of my projects. So, in light of my recent interest, and being the geek that I am, I purchased a new domain for AIR:


Don't use Auto Format with ActionScript 3 in Flash CS3

Posted May 23, 2007 by senocular

Just don't. Chances are if you do, you're script will get rewritten in a way that will break it. You may have remembered auto format doing some crazy things in the past like removing continue statements. Well, it hasn't gotten much better. Here are some quick examples:
// loses indent
var f:Function = function():void {

// adds extra semicolon and new line
var str = "\"quote\"";

// places class line at bottom of script
// and puts a semicolon after the { following MyClass
package {
public final class MyClass {

// (in an AS file with no FLA open)
// removes parens changing order of ops
x = (a - b)/c;

Whenever possible, simply avoid Auto Format.

ActionScript 3 Tips Update, May 10

Posted May 18, 2007 by senocular

These tips were posted last week (but are the latest):
* Loading a Cross-domain Policy File
* Loading External Classes with ApplicationDomain
* Save Memory When Reusing Bitmaps With the Same BitmapData
* ActionScript SWFs and Version Compatibility

ActionScript 3 Tips thread

WIP CS3 AS3 Tutorial: Flash UI, Data Typing, E4X XML

Posted May 18, 2007 by senocular

There have been a few updates since I last posted about this, but the most recent include more information about Data typing and the Flash CS3 UI along with the start of a section on XML with E4X at the bottom.

Soon I would like to add some examples to work through as you go through the tutorial, especially in the section regarding display objects.

This beast is reaching 15000 words so I know it would be hard for a lot of people to digest. When done, I hope to make a simpler tutorial which basically jumps right into AS3 and gets the ball rolling without as much explanation.

See what's new:
Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS3

ActionScript 3 Tips Update, May 7

Posted May 08, 2007 by senocular

Today's batch of tips include:
* Loading URL encoded Variables
* Interactive Masks
* No _lockroot
* Flash CS3: Automatic Timeline Declarations
* Property Access and Downcasting
ActionScript 3 Tips thread

CS3 Trials Now Available for Download

Posted May 08, 2007 by senocular

Flash CS3, Fireworks CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, and more, are now all available for download from adobe.com.


WIP CS3 AS3 Tutorial: Events in AS3, for each..in, and Display Objects

Posted May 04, 2007 by senocular

The latest update for the work in progress Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS3 tutorial includes more on events in AS3 including some mention of event propagation. I also included a small section covering the new for each..in statement as well as some more detail for the new display objects.