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Flash Player 10.1 Beta, Now Available on Labs

Posted November 16, 2009 by senocular

Here's your chance to test drive the new Flash Player 10.1 beta. A beta is now available on Adobe labs. Now, these builds are the desktop versions of the player only, not any of the mobile versions of the player. They're still in the works, but these builds are just not, if not more important and if anything else, they can be an indication of what to expect for those players. Memory use anyone? Check it out. You might be surprised.

Of course, as with any beta release, it is important to TEST TEST TEST. Make sure all of your Flash projects work as they did before and that no new, unexpected behaviors were introduced breaking existing content. There were a lot of low level changes this release all across the board. Memory, rendering, timing, video, you name it and it's been touched. Not only that, AIR and Flash player have been reintegrated with each other under a single branch. So if any of your code hounds notice some stray AIR APIs in the player build (you know who you are), don't expect them to stay. Oh, and did I mention the AIR 2.0 beta is also available on labs? Yeah, that too.

So, check it out. If you find bugs, report them in Adobe's online bugbase under Flash Player. If the beta player build version isn't yet updated in the bugbase form, it should be soon. This is your chance to help ensure Flash Player remains a quality product. Don't pass it up!

For more information, see the some of the official release stuff (though the labs pages pretty much have you covered, and no doubt you'll be hearing about this all over the place for a few days to come).