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Disabling Flash Player (Debugger) Error Dialogs

Posted June 15, 2009 by senocular

If you're a Flash/Flex developer, you've likely seen those Flash Player error dialogs resulting from unhandled ActionScript errors.

Flash Player Error Dialog

These appear when you have the debugger version of Flash Player installed and you run a SWF with errors in the code that are not handled correctly, either through appropriate logic, try..catch blocks, or the correct event listeners. But what if you don't want them?
First of all, you should want them when dealing with your own projects since they can help you identify bugs in your applications. But the truth of the matter is, you may not always be looking at your own applications, especially when using the debugger Flash Player for everyday web surfing.

Up until now, you've really only been left with uninstalling the debugger player and replacing it with a release build - that or simply using a different browser with the release build already installed for it (testing with a different browser). But I'm here today to tell you there's another option.

There's an unsupported, undocumented mm.cfg file option called SuppressDebuggerExceptionDialogs which, when set to 1 (the default is 0), will prevent those dialogs from appearing in the debugger player.


Throw that into your mm.cfg and start browsing the web without fear of obnoxious error dialogs from lousy SWFs.