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Complaint Resolution: SAP in Flex

Posted April 07, 2009 by senocular

Thank you Daniel Finke for pointing out that you can test your Flex applications through the Flash standalone player rather than the browser. It's a little hidden (compared to Flash's fairly straightforward test movie vs. preview in browser options) but can be set using Project > Properties > Run/Debug Settings > [Project Configuration]: Edit... > URL or path to launch. This "URL or path to launch" setting allows you to specify what gets launched when running, debugging, or profiling your application. By switching to a SWF URL from HTML, the app will launch in SAP instead of the browser.
This setting potentially solves my run-is-not-release complaint too. However, I don't think that in specifying the release SWF location in that path that my release build would also get built. But if I dig deep enough, I'll probably find a way to change that as well.