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Give These People AIR! (dot com)

Posted June 21, 2007 by senocular

Recently I've been looking into AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime); what it represents and what it can offer. At first glance, it's looking pretty slick, even if it is just (given your perspective) a type of SWF projector requiring a runtime be installed, or a type of browser replacement, or some gimmic for RIAs. The truth is it's light, easy to develop for, and it's coming from Adobe meaning it will have some backing behind it. I'm even looking to use it for one of my projects. So, in light of my recent interest, and being the geek that I am, I purchased a new domain for AIR:

Currently it just redirects to the AIR page on Adobe Labs. When out of beta and off the labs, I will update the link to go to the respective official page or possibly provide some sort of landing page with information about AIR and why you might need it.

See you at the party Richter!