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Nintendo Wii Mii Editor in Flash 9

Posted February 05, 2007 by senocular

Lately I've been working on a side-project to create an editor for Mii characters which can be created on the Nintendo Wii. It's being written in ActionScript 3.0 using the Flash 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview (though I started using the Free Flex 2 SDK until the project become more graphically dependant). Using classes like FileReference, ByteArray, and BitmapData, the editor has full support for loading and saving Mii files as well as an exporting them to JPEG using only a very minor PHP backend.

Currently, the project is still in alpha, and I have a lot of icons to make still, but most of the functionality is there. You can check it out by going to MiiEditor.com and clicking on the alpha link at the bottom.
The current interface uses the style of the Nintendo Wii, though hopefully I'll be able to implement a more advanced interface when I get time. The advanced interface will be context-sensitive allowing you to click on the feature in the character preview that you wish to edit.

For more information on the project as it progresses, keep an eye out on the Mii Editor Blog.