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Flash: Ten years, ten perspectives - including mine

Posted August 09, 2006 by senocular

Happy birthday Flash! It's been ten years and the Dialog Box in Adobe's Design Center has a feature called Flash: Ten years, ten perspectives where 10 Flash designers from around the world talk about they got started with Flash, what its taught them, and share some tips about using it. I happen to be one of those ten (in fact number 10) and tell the tale of how I got started with Flash.

To be honest, I may have gotten some of my facts wrong, but it seems like it was such a long time ago, who knows what really happened. Also, there was a catastrophic editing mishap which actually made the published version of my article worse than the original I submitted. I'm told it will be fixed but its been online and a mess for some time now. I mae bee eliterate, butt I gnow Flash!